Thursday, June 30, 2011

DUDE - sorry!

Seriously.... Blogger locked me out on my other computer. I don't know why I didn't think about coming on here soon. I'm really frustrated right now. But know that I DID have something written last night. 

Anyway. I'll post more tonight.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

so anyway ...

... I was able to talk to my trainer today. It was good to touch base and just talk about stuff. I asked him what he thought I needed to do to lose weight. Well ... that was a loaded question. Basically I need to work out an hour a day. {biiiiiiiiiiiiig sigh} I'll be honest, it sounds daunting. It shouldn't though, right? I mean, it's not like an hour is a long time. He also told me that I can't just schedule an hour out, but I have to consider how much time it takes to get to and from the gym, and then change my clothes and take a shower, etc. Honestly - that puts me closer to a 2 hour time frame ... and I got lots to do (for the rest of 2011... and that's no joke!)

So I'm left just thinking. Thinking about what I can commit to. What I should commit to. What I want to commit to. 

When it comes down to it - I want to lose weight. I want to be healthy. I want a super active lifestyle. I want to be that way. I really do. But for some reason there is a disconnect between wanting it and doing the things I need to do to achieve it. There are times where I'm so pumped to get started it's almost unreal. And then when it's time to actually follow through, I absolutely

Super frustrating, but that's where I'm at. I guess I have a ton more thinking to do.

Monday, June 27, 2011


... that's the time I'm supposed to call my trainer in the morning to discuss my new workout program. Or at least what I have going on in my brain. I think I'm finally at the point where I can focus on a SMALL goal each week, and not get overwhelmed with the 'big picture' goal I want to achieve.

Shoot. It's almost mid-night and I just remembered I need to go make a couple of things. Gotta go!


The husband goes back to work tomorrow morning so I need my rest. I get spoiled when he's home so much. 

I've been feeling 'off' since last night and I'm wondering if I'm slightly lactose intolerant. (I know, just want you want to know about me).

The weather should be under 100 degrees this week. AWESOME.

My trainer text me back. We're going to schedule a time to talk so I can explain my thoughts on my new 'weight loss plan'. 

I have some orders I need to ship tomorrow. 

I'd love to be in HGTV and have Candice Olson make over my entire house.

I think I want to learn Korean.

Word on the street is that Boys Over Flowers is now available for streaming on Netflix. That means none of you have any excuses now! Go watch it!

I'm off to bed.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Seriously ... today was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay crazy. But not in the way you think. There was just some crazy (and I mean MAJOR emphasis on CRAZY) drama on the adoption forums I'm a part of. I'll be honest - I cannot believe how incredibly rude some people can be. I understand that Adoption is tough emotionally. If there's something I've learned through our 2 processes, it's that the only consistent thing about Adoption is the inconsistencies. Many times it just won't make sense. Or it seems unfair. Or it's more than frustrating. But blaming people who SHOULD NOT be blamed, and making ignorant statements about how the process works is neither beneficial nor productive. 

I won't bore you with all the details, but know that what went down was a disgrace to the Adoption Community. And guess what. Word travels fast. And it's pretty amazing who reads the forums that you might not think would. 

But anyways ...
I texted my trainer today and he didn't text me back. Hmm. I wonder if he's on vacation.

Friday, June 24, 2011

thinking about things

I've been thinking about something lately. I think I want to go back to the gym. And I think I want to talk to my trainer about setting a SMALL goal each week that I can attain so that I can achieve 'success' and hopefully I will feed off of that success and make it a habit ... I mean, how hard can that be - right? And yes I'm being sarcastic as I don't think there's anything easy about that process.

And going back to my 'one task' (that I've some how stopped doing) I've decided that I will text my trainer tomorrow and see what he says. Let's figure out a plan, and see how I can incorporate it into my schedule. I'm getting ready to start my next big project, so organizing my time will be really important. 

So wish me luck. I'm getting excited. Let's just hope the training sessions will work out with my childcare... as that's been one of the main problems in the past. 


Today was a super busy day for me. It felt like I was on the computer and phone Good news is that I was able to finalize the numbers on my next large order and get some fabric selections nailed down. I had to order some other supplies and make some changes to my website, and ship some other orders.

But it's done, and I'm ready for tomorrow. 

As it's looking like it will be just as busy. 

Sorry it's lame and boring right now ... but I guess it just is what it is. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

BIG sigh of relief

Today was SOOOOOOOOO much better (thank goodness!). No throw up. So that's a brilliant start right there. Still had some attitude problems, but we worked through them (for the time being).  

I will say that I think I came up with the most fabulous idea. We are currently having triple digits right now so it's not great to take the kiddos outside. We have a SUPER small yard with absolutely NO shade. And the front yard isn't much better (and I'm not sure if you can technically call the front part a yard... it's more like a small strip of grass...). The boy really needs to get some energy out, so I came up with a solution. I'm going to throw  an M&M up the stairs and make him get it, and then have him climb down the stairs to give him another. We can repeat this for a super long time. 

Pretty freaking awesome - right?

Oh yeah - the husband is off of work for the next 4 days. Hallelujah.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Oh man. Today was totally bad. Real bad. The day started off frustrating, and it just went down hill from there. By the time afternoon hit, I was in pure survival mode. 

The kids are sick. 

But not 'flat on your back sick', but more like 'sick enough to become totally irritated with life which results in extreme antagonistic behavior that drives their mother insane'. My daughter also started throwing up. Sorry to be graphic - but it's the phlegmy kind - you know, the stuff that results from coughing so hard that you gag, and then throw up. It's sad, pathetic, and I hate it. It's times like this that I wish I had a magic wand so I could just make them instantly feel better and happy.

But if that was the case, then I'd also make them obey immediately, stop throwing fits, and keep the weather at an even 75 degrees. Now that would be awesome.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I need to sleep ...

... just so I can get a break from today! I know I shouldn't complain - many people have it sooo much worse, but MAN were the kiddos just out of control today! Whiny - fighting - bad attitudes - poor choices - screaming - food throwing  - and then add large amounts of congestion and phlemy coughs. Sounds super awesome, right?

Needless to say, I'm tired. Kinda just drained. And the boy isn't wanting to sleep unless I'm sitting next to him. He's been up a few times tonight already and I'm hoping that we'll get through the night without any more wake ups. (ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease!)

One last thing before I go: I watched Extreme Makeover - Weight Loss Edition tonight and it really made me want to work out. So I'm thinking the time is drawing near for me to get back on it. What do you think? Should I do it? Hmm? Yes? (I kinda think already know the answer...)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


... the kiddos are sick. The boy is more so than the girl - but it resulted in a ton of meltdowns today. not fun.

so with that. I'm out. it's just been one of those days. I have a ton of errands I have to do tomorrow which involves me trucking the kids around too... which should be interesting considering how when they're not feeling well they tend to get horrible attitudes.

pray for me. I think I'm going to need it.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there!

especially to my Dad
(who I'm so incredibly thankful for)

and to my husband
(who is the most amazing dad in his own right)

you both are loved very, VERY much!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm soooooo tired

So today I went and got my haircut. It was a super fun day that lasted all day, since I was with a group of people. I changed my hair up a bit as I now I have 'straight across bangs' vs having bangs that were on an angle. I had her cut my layers shorter and the end result? I like it. Although I do look a bit 'rock-a-billy'... but I think I can own it... or at least I better try.

So that was my day. Nothing too exciting (although super fun in my book) and now I'm just tired and wanting to go to bed.

Sorry it's been kinda blah on the blog lately... but I guess that's just how my life is right now. Not that I'm complaining... because I'm really not. And honestly - I got to get some sleep. I feel like I can barely keep my eyes open.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

super quick

I'm tired

just one of those days

didn't do too much

but that's okay

things are looking decent

but I have a super busy day tomorrow

but I'll be tackling more soon

which may mean Monday

but that's better than nothing


just another day

So today I was able to get everything looking pretty good. And then of course life happens and it gets messed up again. I had some orders that trickled in and I needed to get them made and shipped out. So of course my work stuff started to take over. But the nice thing, is that I know where everything goes - so it should be easier to maintain. 

And now to totally and completely change directions - did anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance? I totally love that show. My favorite was the couple who did the 'Statue Dance'. As soon as I saw they were matched together I told the husband 'oh my gosh - they have just become the POWER COUPLE of this season!' (and yes - the husband watches this show with me. who knew that the man could fall in love with contemporary dance?! just another reason why I love him so... )

Anyway - when I watch this show it makes me wish I was a dancer... which  makes me kinda want to work out. So weirdly enough, I'm beginning to get the itch to start this whole weight loss journey again. Which I think is a good thing. I still have some house stuff to work on, and while that gets done, I figure I'll be getting mentally pumped so I'll be raring to go when the time is right. 

So that's where my mind is at: it's all over the place. 

And to keep with that theme - who was your favorite couple on SYTYCD?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


... so the good news is: I got stuff done... but the bad news is: I didn't get as much done as I thought I would. But what are you going to do - right? 

The office was a bigger beast than I thought it would be. Plus - I have to do a TON of sorting and filing, and that always takes time. We were able to clear of one of the shelving units and throw away a bunch of stuff that I wasn't using... and store some stuff that I will be. The nice thing is that everything is having a real 'place' or it's becoming a part of a 'system' that is really practical for me - so I can see myself totally keeping it up. So that's a 'win' - right?

Well, I still have tomorrow, so hopefully I can tackle it some more. Wish me luck.

Monday, June 13, 2011

alright... it's GO TIME!

So tomorrow my 'help' is coming again, so I'm really excited thinking about what can actually get accomplished. But know that I didn't slack off today. I actually went through all the toys in the living room and threw a bunch a way (don't worry - they were gross, and nothing people would actually want). I also put more stuff away in the dinning room and organized a little area by our microwave. Oh yeah - I even wen through and cleaned up the couch again ... as things were getting piled on there again (namely my daughter's toys). 

Oh - and while at Target tonight, I picked up these 'single serving' Hawaiian Punch grape drink mix thingys.  They are 10 calories each and zero calores/surgar. I love artificially flavored grape. No joke. I like seriously love it - so I took a gamble and bought it. And much to my delight, adding one of these packets to 25 ounces of water makes me drink it all in about 10 minutes (or maybe a bit longer but still - I pound the stuff).  You're supposed to use a regular sized water bottle, but I think that tastes too strong, and I have a water bottle that holds 25 ounces - so it worked out perfectly. 

So I'm thinking that this will be a GREAT way for me to consistently drink more water everyday. 'Cause don't forget... as soon as I get my house under control, it's time to focus on the ol' weight loss thing again. And I'm getting close... it's going to happen. And it'll happen soon. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

say WHAT?!

As I'm typing this post right now, the clock on my computer says 10:34p. Seriously?! That's AWESOME! It's so early! Who knows... maybe I'll even go to bed early tonight...

Today was a good day. I actually organized a small area in the kitchen. I'm super excited about how it's coming along. And I can't get over my dinning room table. I still stare at it and find it weird that's it's totally clear. 

Anyway, that's pretty much it. I started doing a bit in my office but got overwhelmed and stopped. I think I'll be tackling that on Tuesday - so instead of trying to push myself to the point of frustration, I'll just work on other stuff... as there will always be other things to work on - right?

So with that, I'll say good night. The husband has tomorrow off, so I think I'll relish the fact that I get him for one more day. I'm sure we can find something fun to do before we get back into our regular routine. 

Oh - and the husband started the Couch25K thing... he's done 2 days so far. Maybe one of these days I'll follow in his footsteps... literally.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

1.5 Hours

That's it. It only took an hour and a half to get my table totally cleared off. Which to some, that might sound super long, but my table is super big. And there was soooooo much stuff on it. Not only was it all cleared off, but the stuff that was taken off was totally organized and put away. I have a bin (with a lid) that now houses all my 'tools' and another one that holds other 'immediate' supplies, and it should be easy to just take out what bin I need, and then store it all in there when I'm done. I threw a TON of stuff away and organized fabric, ribbon, elastic... it's great. And no, I did not do it alone. I had some help, and it was awesome. 

I think the key was that it made it kind of 'social' for me, and I was able to stay on task, and have someone else who could kinda take the reins when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. It was the PERFECT balance. And it totally made me feel like I can continue doing this... and it makes me feel like I WANT to do this. So that's a win-win if you ask me!

I still need to do the office, and some of the 'surrounding area', but I'm not discouraged. In fact, I'm totally ENCOURAGED. I'll have more help again on Tuesday, and I have some random order stuff that I need to get done before that, so I might focus on that tomorrow so I'm totally free and clear on Tuesday to tackle the rest of the projects (and not be distracted).

So today was a great day. A super great day and it's amazing that it didn't take that much time at all. Who knew that productivity could feel so good?

Friday, June 10, 2011

it's the WEEKEND!

Okay - so I got just about everything done. The only wrench in my game was that my shipping program wouldn't take an APO address. I was on the phone with customer service and they thought they fixed it and it didn't work. Seriously - I kinda had a nervous breakdown but just had to resign myself to the fact that it will have to ship on Monday. Oh well. At least I tried. 

I have some big projects to start, but I'm giving myself the weekend to get my ducks in a row and kinda regroup. I started laundry tonight and have a couple loads almost done. So it's kinda nice to have a few tasks already completed. I have a BIG task that I'd like to accomplish this weekend... and that is:


Granted - this is SUPER huge. I realize that. But I need to get it done before my next projects take over everything again. The dinning room table has bins of pre-cut fabric, partially made items, supplies... all stuff I needed for this last batch I did. But now - I can start fresh: Store the old, throw away the scraps and just get ready to get down to business (again).

Who knows... maybe if I can get it all done I'll take a picture and post it. Oh man. That just made me super nervous.

one more to the weekend...

... seriously. one more day. and then it's the weekend. for some reason that sounds reeeeeeeeeeally good to me. not that I have any super exciting plans, but I just want to be done with this week. the husband was supposed to go out of town, but because the weather forecast was a little iffy - he decided to stay home... which I have to say I'm kinda stoked about. he works every other weekend, so I kinda get selfish with his free weekends. anyway, tomorrow we're going to have a little 'date day' (as we got the sitter coming during the day vs coming at night) and I think we're going to try out a new sushi place where I just found out they have some Korean food on their menu. can't wait!

oh... and I got my task done today - I finished all the orders, but I need to box up and ship out tomorrow. it's crazy how much longer it takes than I think. So that's my task. Box up, ship out - and then get ready for the next project... because I got a ton of them. really. I do.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I did it!

You know, I really shouldn't be as excited as I am that I did a mundane task... but it's done, and that's all that matters. I have nothing too exciting scheduled for tomorrow, but I REALLY have to get the rest of my orders out. So that is the ONLY thing that I have planned. And with that, I must get back to sewing.

Hope you all have a great day!

so anyway...

... I got part of my task done, but I got a TON of work stuff done... so that's actually better as I had a ton of stuff to do. And here it is ... midnight ... and I have to head to bed. So for my next task, I'm choosing to finish up today's task. 


Wish me luck... apparently I need it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

where does the time go?

For reals. I mean, it's after mid-night and I'm not sure how that happened. I got some stuff done today, not as much as I hoped, but tomorrow is a new day. I have a TON of stuff to get done in the morning, so hopefully I can get some basic stuff done in the afternoon (plus I have orders to work on ). 

so my task for tomorrow is:


It's crazy how those two places can get so bad. So that's what I want to get done. How about you? Have anything you're working on tomorrow?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Accomplishments Anyone?

So it's the beginning of a new week, and also a new month. I simply cannot believe that it's already June. Where has the time gone?!?!??! At this rate, it's going to be fall before I know it. 

But before I get ahead of myself, why don't you share with me what's you've accomplished this past week! I've had some major setbacks due to unforeseen events (mostly sick children and large orders that needed to be shipped), but I'm ready to start up again. I still have a few orders to get out, and while one child seems to be on the mend, another one has seemed to pick up some kind of bug... ugh ... but moving forward I must. And I shall. 

Here's to a productive week - and just so you know, I'm not listing a specific task tonight because I have a bunch of little things that I'd like to get done. They are VERY simple, so to me it's rather pointless to write one down. I know - sounds like it's going against everything I've been saying... but just work with me on this one. I promise - it'll turn out good. For reals.

I'm sick

Not like sick-sick, but I think I ate something weird sick.

I'll just leave it at that. 

(oh - and my daughter is still dealing with hives, but I think it MIGHT be getting better... at least I hope. I'm over these things as well)

Good night.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Still Full

I am still full from all the Korean food I ate today. But it was OH so wonderful! And the conversation was even better. There is something so great about being able to chat with friends, uninterrupted while shoving bites of deliciousness into your face. 

That being said - this is one of the earliest posts I've ever done. It's just past 10:30p and I am so thoroughly exhausted. I still haven't done my task, but I'll regroup over the weekend. I actually have a ton of lose ends that I need to catch up on. 
My daughter still has the hives, and I'm still pumping benedryl into her every 6 hours. It breaks my heart to see her this way and now I'm seeing the 'scratch marks' she's leaving behind. I really hope and pray that this ends soon. 

So ... anybody have fun plans for the weekend?


I'm super tired. My daughter still has hives and I feel horrible about it. It's SO sad to see her scratching and asking me when they will just go away. We took her to the doctor and he thinks it's stemming from a virus and will last around 10 days. ugh... really?!

So I kinda can't focus. This hives thing is throwing me for a loop. I have a ton on my mind and I'm just not focusing right now. Oh yeah - I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 today. It was SOOOOO good. and I loved their view on adoption. For reals.
I'm headed to bed. Tomorrow I'm headed over to a friend's house who's going to cook me some Korean food. To say I'm completely stoked is an understatement. Hopefully these recipes won't be too hard, but I'm decently good at 'chopping things'. So hopefully I can help at least a little (since I'll probably be eating a lot).

So good night. And I'll refocus on things this weekend.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wow. that did NOT go how I planned.

Today has been one of the most stressful days I've had in quite some time. It started with my daughter waking up this morning with what we thought were allergies... to then find that she was getting hives all over body. I have NO idea what she's reacting to, but she even had hives around her eyes, on her forehead, and around her mouth. So sad, and it makes me nervous. We gave her some benadryl which helped with the itchiness, but the hives were still present all day. I'm hoping that tomorrow they'll be gone {fingers crossed}.

Because of the hives, I had to cancel a few things we had going on this morning which resulted in scrambling... but we got it all worked out. The next major task was getting about 100 orders packaged and mailed out. I REALLY had to get these orders out... and then my printer would work. I couldn't figure out why and I was losing money as I kept trying to print the same postage label. So I had to call customer service and wait for them to answer... which gave me HUGE anxiety because I wasn't sure if I could get everything done. 

Anyway, I thankfully got the shipping done, but I was SPENT. I still have some things to tend to and this evening was just as busy doing other things. 

So all that to say... I didn't get my task done. Not even close. But there's always tomorrow - right?

so... um... ah...

Okay. So here's the deal. As the husband was getting the kiddos ready for bed, I went upstairs to the playroom to start straightening it up (since that was my one task and all). I got everything picked up, put away and I was just about to strip the bed (which is actually a queen mattress set on the floor) so I could wash the sheets when it was discovered that my daughter had wet the bed last night but did not tell us. Fast forward a good 20 minutes and said daughter is now back in bed, lying on an over-sized mattress pad with a blanket. Everything got thrown in the wash, and in the playroom. There was a load of my husband's laundry that I forgot about, so that's been thrown in the playroom as well... and all the boxes and bags that were in the hall way got throw in the mix too. 

So now I'm back to having a messed up playroom. Technically I completed my task, but it got all messed up again. So once again, my task will be:


I'll be honest - this is going to be a bigger job than the original task, but I'm going to take it on. So wish me luck. I have a feeling I'm going to need it.