Tuesday, January 22, 2013

not sweatin' it

It was my weigh-in day. Honestly, I expected to gain weight. It was just one of those weeks. Still feel somewhat dependent on sugar, but my food consumption is WAY down. And the weirdest thing ever is that I seriously do NOT crave carbs! I met up with some friends for brunch on the weekend and I thought for sure my body would do crazy things when I had a bit of carbs (I had a small piece of french toast and a small piece of a grilled cheese eggs benedict ... and it was awesome ... but I was SUPER okay with my small pieces). The restaurant we went to had a 'family style' food. So obviously I had to taste everything.

OH, and get this! I bought a 'mamba' (10 points if you know what that is) and I opened it and gave some to my daughter and I ate one. ONE. And it was WAY.TOO.SWEET. So I didn't eat any more of it. I had no desire to. It's the weirdest thing ever.

And I'm pretty sure that the last time I went 'Primal' I lasted 3 weeks. But I was way stricter. I hit the 3 week mark today and I have no plans of quitting. I think the whole 'baby step' method I'm doing is actually working. The fact that even with a few 'discretions', I didn't gain weight - well I see that as a good thing.

So this week I'm not foreseeing any more brunches and I'm still focusing on cutting back on the sugar thing. But I'm off of soda, I don't miss it, and I'm pretty much off of carbs too. Oh, and legumes. I'm off of those, but I was never really into them to begin with. 

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