Sunday, January 20, 2013


This week I was supposed to get off of sugar. But I gotta admit. It's actually really hard. I'm doing well with everything else ... but sugar just has a hold on me. And the bummer thing, is that I think my sugar consumption is going to stall the weight loss.

I will say, it's really odd to not crave carbs. Like I can look at bread, and pasta and crackers and cookies and not be tempted at all. In a weird way, I almost fear them ... like I kinda think that if I have some of those carbs, that I'll crave them and then I'll be back to where I was in the beginning. So it's just better to stay away, right?

Anyway ... nothing else to really report ... but just figured I'd document my Sugar cravings. Hopefully I'll be able to look back (in the not too distant future) and think its funny that I was having a hard time ... as by then I'll have kicked the habit. 

Okay, off to bed. Oh - and my weigh-ins are on Tuesdays now.

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